Trouble struck late on tonight during one of the last games of the evening – and no, Matt didn’t manage to break another racket!  However with a Mens 1 match on Tuesday evening and Mixed matches coming up on Friday and next Monday, this wasn’t a great time for him to go over on his ankle.

Apparently someone had commented earlier that it’s always the last game of the night that is most dangerous for injuries.  The fact he was playing singles with his Mixed partner Nerissa (and, rumour has it, was losing…) only makes it worse!

By the time the throng of good Samaritans had finally managed to work out how the ice pack worked(!), his ankle was already beginning to balloon.  However after a short rest and a few slow, tentative steps on it, he felt he’d be alright to drive home.  Alan had gamely offered to drive if anyone had any ‘L’ plates – just before Matt began to feel a bit better strangely…

So the well-worn injury rule of ‘plenty of rest’ is now in force.  Try to take things easy and don’t push it.  Hopefully it’s not too painful in the morning – no rushing to switch the alarm offfffffffffff…!