To start with, we suggest new players come down to one of our club nights. It gives you the chance to meet the members, find out how the club works and play a few games to get a feel for the club.

After a couple of weeks playing as a visitor, if you’re interested in joining then ask about our membership. We try to accommodate people wherever possible, but we do have to maintain a competitive standard of play to keep the club healthy. Occasionally we may also need to limit overall numbers to ensure everyone gets to enjoy a good number of games.

Subs are paid every four months and we currently have two levels of membership, depending on how often people can make it down to the club.  Full membership is currently £95 per term, with one-night membership at only £75.  If that sounds expensive, it can actually equate to less than £3 for an evening’s badminton.  Students are offered a discounted rate of £75 or £55 respectively.