The club began playing way back in 1947, making us the longest-established club in the area.  During that time we have played at a number of different venues and at varying levels within the League.

Our 60th anniversary

To celebrate 60 years of the club, our Honorary President produced a full history of the club over the years – click here to have a read.

We also decided to honour the anniversary with a very special event  which would also raise funds for a local charity – a 60-hour sponsored badminton marathon!!

We invited club members and players from the other clubs in our League, as well as opening it up for visitors to join in.   The ‘simple’ aim was to keep some games going on court for the full 60 hours.

Starting at 7am on the Friday morning, we were full of enthusiasm – and energy – for the task ahead.  As the hours ticked by, the players may have changed but not the effort or sense of fun.

In order to achieve our goal, the school allowed a number of us to be locked in each night.  A rota was therefore drawn up, with groups alternating between two hours play and two hours sleep.  Morning reinforcements were very much appreciated!

We even had an early-hours visit from the local police one night to see how things were going!

60 hours sounds like a fairly long period, but it’s only when you realise this involved playing through three days and two nights that you begin to appreciate just how much of an effort was required from all those who took part.  With the clocks going back and creating an extra hour, we eventually finished at 6pm on the Sunday…

Big thanks therefore to everyone who contributed to making it a great success, including the Grammar School for all their assistance in staging the event.  We also raised just over £2000 for Promise Dreams, to help them in the valuable work they do for local children.

It was great fun and a big achievement, but future anniversaries may have to be marked with something just a little less demanding!


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