The season has started

Tuesday night was our first match of the new season – rather earlier than we normally start – but necessary so we could fit all the games in.

The Mens 1 travelled away to play TP Riley-Norton, which is never an easy prospect, particularly after having been promoted up to Division 1 last season.  The end result was a 7-2 loss but with three of the other rubbers going to a third game, we did have some chances to make it closer.  Sadly the lack of match practice seemed to cause a few more errors – if we can reduce those it would make it so much easier!

So a slightly disappointing start – while it was unlikely we could have nicked the result, a closer result would have been nice, but it showed we’re not too far off the level we need to be playing at.  Next up later this week is our first Thursday night home game, with the Mixed 1 hosting Hamstead Manor.