Mens 1 win promotion!

As we moved into April, so the end of the season looms.  The last two matches for the Mens 1 were the two ties against Cannock – the Monday before Easter at home, with the return leg on the Tuesday after Easter.  And after the loss to BJF, we needed to win both to claim the title and promotion to Division One.

The home tie saw some long games as both sides battled for the result.  Eventually the stubborn resistance was overcome and we ran out 7-2 winners.  Last night’s away tie saw a return to playing with plastics and some unexpected difficulties in some of the rubbers.  Having got to a 4-1 lead there was a brief wobble that looked like it might come down to the last two games.  But consistency eventually won out, resulting in a final score of 6-3 and promotion – with a celebratory curry afterwards!